It was nice visiting with Lindsay. She was so easy to talk with and I had very little problem understanding her. Lindsay gave me some good advice about seating in restaurants for better conversation with others.
~ Edna Koogler ~


Mission Statement

Lindsay’s Chatterbox seeks to work collaboratively with families of children and of adults to increase their quality of life by improving their speech, language, and auditory skills.


Lindsay’s Chatterbox is a small business in Oskaloosa, Iowa that was created in order to service children and adults. An ever-present need has arisen in South East Iowa for a speech language pathologist to help people in need of a variety of services such as auditory training for people with hearing aids and cochlear implants, voice therapy for people diagnosed with voice disorders, therapy for children with autism spectrum disorders, etc. The quality of life experienced by children and adults with speech, language, and auditory difficulties can be improved through therapy with a licensed speech language pathologist.