Lindsay is a considerate and kind person in helping others in this field of deafness, etc. She makes you feel comfortable and encourages you to make progress in a world of silence. She has the "million dollar" smile!
~ Mary Sage ~



As a licensed and certified speech language pathologist, Lindsay has been specifically trained to assess and treat a variety of speech and language disorders.  

Lindsay provides a unique treatment experience where she includes the family in the process.  

  1. The first step is a full speech and language assessment where Lindsay will examine the five areas of language.  
  2. She will then complete a detailed speech and language report and walk the family through it's meaning.  
  3. Lindsay will work with the family to decide on the best goals moving forward and begin treatment.  
    1. Each treatment session is twenty-five minutes in length.  
    2. She will provide the family with the data from the session as well as suggestions they can work on throughout the week to continue to improve speech and language.  
    3. Lindsay may even give the client homework!

This whole family approach ensures everyone knows what is happening and feels as though they have a part in improving the communicaiton of their loved one.    

Contact Lindsay today to find out how she can help you or your child improve their communication abilities!