It was nice visiting with Lindsay. She was so easy to talk with and I had very little problem understanding her. Lindsay gave me some good advice about seating in restaurants for better conversation with others.
~ Edna Koogler ~

Speech & Language Therapy

What is Speech and Language Therapy? 

Therapy that targets a speech and language delay is critical for children as they learn to communicate, socialize with their peers, navigate increasing academic demands at school, and learn their place in the community.  Lindsay will complete a full assessment to find the areas in which your child has difficulty. She will then work with your family to agree upon a plan of action moving forward.  


Articulation or Speech Delay

Some children simply have difficulty saying some sounds in the English language.  Lindsay will complete an assessment and then begin a plan of treatment to help your child produce all of the sounds more accurately.


Expressive Language Delay

Your child may have difficulty expressing his/her thoughts clearly.  They may have trouble coming up with the word they want to say in a timely manner.  They may have trouble asking questions.  If so, contact Lindsay who will complete an evaluation and begin a course of treatment to help your child gain success in their communication.


Receptive Language Delay

Your child may not understand what is said to him/her.  When directions are complicated, they may forget what they were supposed to do. He/She may not know how to answer questions.  Your child may have difficult learning and retaining new words.  If you have concerns about your child, contact Lindsay for a consultation or evaluation.   


Social Language Delay

Does your child struggle with jokes and unsaid meanings?  Are idioms or expressions confusing to them?  Do they have difficulty making eye contact and responding appropriately when having conversations? Does your child know how to request for items they want?  If one or more of these areas are difficult for your child, call Lindsay to schedule a consultation or assessment.