It was nice visiting with Lindsay. She was so easy to talk with and I had very little problem understanding her. Lindsay gave me some good advice about seating in restaurants for better conversation with others.
~ Edna Koogler ~
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March 30
Good Friday and Easter
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Child Auditory Habilitation

The Hearing Health Foundation reports that in the United States, three out of every 1,000 children are born deaf or hard of hearing. 


My baby did not pass the newborn hearing screening

In Iowa, every baby receives a newborn hearing screening.  If they do not pass, they are referred to have their hearing screened again in a few weeks.  If they fail the re-screen, they are then referred for a pediatric audiological evaluation.  This should be completed within the first three months of the child's life.  Important speech and language milestones are already happening at this early age.    

If your baby is diagnosed with a hearing loss, it is important to pursue the appropriate channel to ensure your child can gain access to hearing through medical procedures or technology such as hearing aids or cochlear implants.  Please check the Iowa Department of Public Health to answer your questions in more detail.   

After your baby is diagnosed with a hearing loss, you will be eligible for speech and language therapy with Lindsay where she will aid you as you go through these sometimes confusing steps.  She will work with your family to help your little one gain speech and language as well as utilize the hearing technology most successfully.


My child has hearing loss 

Hearing loss affects all areas of communication such as speech and language development, social skills, and auditory memory. If you feel your child could be achieving more successful communication at school and at home, call Lindsay to schedule a speech and language assessment or consultation. She will work with your family to find the best plan of action.