Lindsay is a considerate and kind person in helping others in this field of deafness, etc. She makes you feel comfortable and encourages you to make progress in a world of silence. She has the "million dollar" smile!
~ Mary Sage ~


What is stuttering?

"Stuttering is characterized by an abnormally high frequency or duration of stoppages in the forward flow of speech.  These stoppages usually take the form of (a) repetitions of sounds, syllables, or one-syllable words, (b) prolongations of sounds, or (c) "blocks" of airflow or voicing in speech. Individuals who stutter are usually aware of their stuttering and are often embarrassed by it. Moreover, they often use excessive physical and mental effort to speak.  Children who are just beginning to stutter may not seem bothered or aware of it, but they often show signs of physical tension and increased speech rate, which suggests they are reacting, at least minimally, to their speech difficulty."  

Guitar, Barry. Stuttering an Integrated Approach to It's Nature and Treatment, Second Edition. Baltimore, Maryland: Lippincott, Williams, & Wilkins. 1998. 


Unfortunately, clinicians at Lindsay's Chatterbox do not address stuttering disorders at this time.